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Ideology of sustainability
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Our place in Robledo de Chavela

What we do

We believe in sustainability as a way of thinking and operating

ISLA is configured as a space of thought and praxis, as a think-and-action tank for research, development and experimentation of ideas in the intersection between ecology and art. We believe in the sustainability as a way of thinking and operating, and the crucial role of the visual arts to ceate, speculate and fabulate about new possibilities and alternatives to face the climatic and ecologic emergency.


ISLA seeks to develop work lines in the construction of the common through strategic alliances and networks at the local, national and international levels. The epicenter of the project is placed in Robledo de Chavela, a periferic area that will gradually be tranformed into a space of artistic experiences and proposals with which we will address issues suchs as food sovereignty, water protection, climate action, biodiversity preservation, pollution, natural habitat recovery, etc. In order to do so, we consider it fundamental to bring back traditional espistemologies and ancestral biocultural knowledge, with which to articulate imaginative narratives and new stories to generate a real oportunity for change.


In this idyllic envirenment we will develop site-specific projects as well as function as a space for research, exchange and experimentation that can operate from all over the world, creating networks and connections with aligned approaches.


ISLA will also work as a place that generate synergies and transversal and multidisciplinary kmowledge. To this end, we will propose the development of a program with visual artists from the local, national and international context in collaboration with scientists, farmers, musicians, arquitects, dance, or literature. Bearing in mind the principles of degrowht and moving away from the productivist chaos, we will develop proposals base on observation, research, discovering and various approach strategies in order to generate new experiences and sustainable ways of producing and experiencig non-profit culture.


It will also have a digital alter ego, which will connect our Isla in Robledo de Chavela with others located in differents parts of the planet, creating a network of projects in line with the objectives and mission of ISLA.


We are generating a decalogue of sustainability for ISLA in which will include a series of specific guidelines to take care of the ecological footprint of the whole project over its entire life cycle and all the experiences that are part of it.


The ISLA project will be present on Saturday September 30 through an experiential trip to our land in Robledo de Chavela, a meeting where we will open our dors with specific visual actions and celebrate with a picnic the beginning of this initiative whose procesual approach will be built day by day.

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